Salvage Bar & Lounge on

“Carved out of a corner of the ground floor of the 1926 Roosevelt Residences, this stunning bar and lounge was created using salvaged materials and fixtures from the historic Seventh Street building. Carrera marble slabs” read more →

Blankenship Ballet’s unconventional platform for dance

“On a recent Tuesday night at Salvage Bar & Lounge in downtown Los Angeles, Bertha Suarez Blankenship, a former member of the National Ballet of Cuba, rose up on her pointe shoes and commandeered the venue’s small platform stage.” read more →

Salvage Bar & Lounge Happy Hour featured on!

The Salvage Bar & Lounge Happy Hour is now posted on! read more →

Salvage Bar & Lounge win an AIA award in two categories!

“AIA Los Angeles announced the winners of its Restaurant Design Awards as part of its design conference at Dwell on Design. The annual awards honor outsanding design in three main categories: lounge/nightclub, café/bar and restaurant.”read more →

2012 AIA | LA 8th Annual Restaurant Design Awards – Salvage 5-10-2012

“The American Institute of Architects Los Angeles (AIA|LA) hosted an all-star jury for the 8th annual Restaurant Design Awards (RDA) Competition on Thursday, May 10, 2012 and narrowed an impressive field of entrants down to the top nominees.”read more →

6 Best Openings in Los Angeles – Salvage 10-1-2011

“Happy Hour, the kids call it, but if, say, you are clad in not slacks but jeans (Casual Friday or not), you might feel more comfortable at Salvage, whose walls are as tattered as your denim (both came that way).”read more →

LA Times Night Life: Salvage Bar & Lounge in downtown Los Angeles 9-29-2011

“Look what was dug out of the Roosevelt basement. The new spot features a smart design of many repurposed items found deep in storage”read more →

LA History meets Modern Culture at Salvage Bar and Lounge 9-22-2011

“The specialty drinks are completely organic, using fresh squeezed lemons, mint sprigs, and real fruit juices to create a cocktail that guests will remember (or maybe not remember).”read more →

Junkyard Drinking 9-20-2011

“It sounds like a teaser for Transformers 4: “From the leftover parts of a loft…. a cocktail lounge secretly assembles.””read more →

Downtown L.A.’s Newest Bar: Salvage 9-15-2011

“Salvage Bar & Lounge just invented a new category in the eco-chic trend. As the newest cocktail lounge in Downtown L.A., Salvage Bar & Lounge is constructed almost entirely of recycled materials, hence the “salvage” name, from the 1926 Roosevelt Residences located above the bar.”read more →

Salvage Bar & Lounge Opens September 14 Downtown 9-12-2011

“The 2,000 square foot space developed by Nocturnal Entertainment Group involves a modern aesthetic accentuated by reclaimed vintage pieces.”read more →

Salvage-able | Beautiful Junk Repurposed into a Bar 9-12-2011

“Lately you’ve been exploring your spiritual side. Thinking a lot about reincarnation. Your conclusion: with any luck, you’ll come back as a bar. Possibly one a little like Salvage, a beautiful pile of old stuff reincarnated as a Downtown watering hole.”read more →

Salvage Bar Coming, Angelique Gone 8-15-2011

“DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Salvage Rising: Recycling never sounded so good. The Salvage Bar is rising from the leftover material of the restored Roosevelt Lofts on Seventh Street.”read more →

Los Angeles Preview: Salvage Bar & Lounge 6-21-2011

“Disappointed that nightlife just hasnt seemed, well, as trashy as it used to be? LAs Salvage Bar & Lounge was literally built from a pile of rubble — though it was, as you might have guessed, as much an ecological concept as an aesthetic one. Soon to open on the ground floor of the landmark 1926 building that now houses the stylish Roosevelt Residences, designer and co-proprietor Solomon Mansoor envisioned the entire interior in the rather elegant debris left behind in the wake of the renovation. “read more →

Salvage Bar & Lounge Brings Modern Day History Downtown 5-17-2011

“Up above, the bare bones skeleton of what will soon become Salvage Bar & Lounge, that new nighttime haunt moving into the ground floor of the historic Roosevelt Residences (dates back to 1926). Nocturnal Entertainment Group (Solomon Mansoor, Justin Yashouafar, Homan Taghdiri) is behind this 2,700 square foot project which should open in June and is located on the ground level of the property.”read more →

Eat Salvage Bar & Lounge Reclaims Downtown Space in June 5-12-2011

“Recycled and reclaimed building materials have become all the rage, and Salvage Bar & Lounge will take that trend to the extreme when the concept debuts in June on the ground floor of downtowns Roosevelt Residences. The building, which is situated at 717 W. Seventh Street, dates to 1926 and previously housed both a haberdasher and candy store, recently switched to lofts. Nocturnal Entertainment Group principal-designer Solomon Mansoor made the most of the debris, incorporating Cararra marble slabs, wood panels, fixtures, and doors into the design. Food and drink details are still being finalized.”read more →

Downtowns Restaurant Row Readies for Salvage Bar and Lounge 5-10-2011

“Downtowns Seventh Street, probably the smartest place to plunk a restaurant down nowadays, will see the opening of Salvage Bar and Lounge this June. The project will take over 2,700 square feet on the ground level of The Roosevelt Residences, housed in a historic building built in 1926. The design seeks to live up to the title here, with restored castaway materials from The Roosevelts construction forming much of the space. To this end, there will be old fixtures and doors, Carrara marble slabs, and touches like original exposed brick and grand friezes and panels.”read more →

Salvage Lounge Coming to Downtown LA 3-16-2011

“Another new lounge is coming soon to the continuously evolving, and relatively new, “Restaurant Row of Downtown LA” along 7th Street. Within the past 5 years, 7th Street has seen multiple new restaurants open along 4 blocks that stretch from Figueroa to Olive St. Restaurants like Wokcano, Dublin’s Irish Pub, Sugar Fish Sushi, Bottega Louie, Soi 7, and Mas Malo are just some of the names that have put Downtown LA on the foodie map.”read more →

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